4 Best Cloud Server Hosting Service Providers Review & Features

Cloudways Review

Hosting a cloud hosting of Cloudways is not an easy task to handle. The idea of cloud computation has been promoted popularly as a hosting service rather than being offered as a product or goods that are sold to the market. For this reason, it is a requirement for great expert skills and talents to manage CloudWays with smoothness and efficiency. Once you kept the said factors above in your head, a number of cloud hosting service providers such as the Cloudways are offered as a cloud managing service to specific organizations that helps their companies on other sectors of their business compared to being focused only on the management of their hardware and software problems.

Cloudways review not only allows cloud management service with competency and lucrativeness but also help to solve the burdens faced by the affiliated business. To emphasize the management cloud service providers do in a visible manner, you should know first on where their services are only being offered. The foundation of a cloud management is dependent on three big factors namely: IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, SaaS or Software as a Service and PaaS or Platform as a Service. The Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is focused on managing the servers, hardware, storage and bandwidth with the related compartments of a network. The Software as a Service or SaaS allows you to have eased on your work by your management of the installation of software devices that are potential to be used for running operational system events regularly such as WordPress. The Platform as a Service or PaaS is a basis on the codes of the software where it is implemented. Java platforms and .net are two of the examples of platforms where many software systems are created.

CloudWays review is equipped with a manual for managing cloud service providers, specifically in offering ways to expand your business. The first priority of the manual is to help businesses in managing problems such as enhanced scalability, cloud monitoring, data migration, security and coordination on their teammates. The second on the manual is the computer virtualization using the three major cloud management factors. The third on the list is to hire people with knowledge and professionalism. The fourth one is about allowing your cloud manager to handle the business issues. The fifth priority of the list is offering cloud services to small to medium businesses industries. The sixth and last thing on the list is to let your managing cloud service providers allow the organizations involved to create further business techniques that would be their great leap of becoming leaders in the business market. The CloudWays review also offers the significance of managing cloud hosting service providers to businesses.

SiteGround Reviews

The SiteGround gives a series of hosting providers starting from shared Linux host, which is the cheapest, flexible type of hosting sued by most websites, with the endpoint in Cloud, Reseller and WordPress server providers for wide, developing websites. The SiteGround reviews have stated that the said cloud hosting service provider is one of the swiftest growing solo hosting companies.

The SiteGround review on the positive note is that they really live up to their specifications of high-speed servers and quality performance. The main factor of the SiteGround speed is TTFB or the Time To First Byte. It tells you how fast the particular server inputs the first byte of the command as a response. They also live up to their strong feature set and integrations. They have endless data categories and email accounts that are used for backups on a regular basis. Their customer support is also a great way to ease a newbie on their interface. The SiteGround review about community and its transparency is absolutely an A+. They have a supportive group of people and are very transparent in their details. They have a simple signing-up method if you are interested in taking a look at their interface. The SiteGround review has a disadvantage on their overall pricing list, limitations of the plan, developer and agency focus and with the installation of WordPress and other links.

HostGator Reviews

The HostGator has been around since 2002, is trusted by many web professionals and businesses in the cloud hosting service providers industry. The HostGator reviews have their domains, website building materials, hosting and many more services. Their plans are equipped with an endless supply of email addresses, memory and bandwidth. The HostGator reviews pertain to 2x faster loading times caused by servers with low density, the best hardware and a series of cache levels. There is efficiency in managing website content that enables durable content that is processed with the speed of light. Their cloud hosting service boosts your website at the maximum level. They have 4x more scalable cloud resources. With the click of the mouse, you do not need a migrating data, restart or lag time.

There are server allocation and cloud management. Traffic spikes do not interrupt service. The HostGator reviews have unique features of integrated caching, intuitive dashboard, resource managing, automated failover, data mirroring and cPanel. Integrated Caching allows your page to load swifter on the cloud from the caching data, built with the utmost speed. Intuitive Dashboard tracks your site’s performed duties, data gathering and looks out for metrics. Resource Managing monitors and gives space to your resources instantly. You are in control of your consumption with no hidden ones. Automated failover allows you to switch automatically to another service provider when you are undergoing hardware problems. Data Mirroring in the HostGator will automatically distribute three mirrored information from your data to many linked devices to assure you of your information’s safety. cPanel creates a whole new email account, managing mini domains and many more commands with one click. It is an Endurance International popular brands.

FastComet Review

The FastComet is equipped with free domain transferring service that promises to renew your domain free for a year, an SSD-only cloud that assures 300% swifter access to your data, free Cloudflare CDN that distributes your content globally, cPanel power that easily manages your hosting accounts, performing regular backups for daily and weekly basis that ensures your safety, offers 24/7 priority support for free, gives free managing migrations and 100% guaranteed satisfactory or your money is returned back for 45 days for cloud shared hosting and 7 days for non-cloud shared hosting service providers.


If you are looking for the best cloud hosting service providers among Cloudways reviews, HostGator reviews, SiteGround Reviews, and FastComet reviews, then this article is for you, all summed up with their own perks and disadvantages. The four cloud hosting service providers stated above are already the best ones to choose from, so do not hesitate and choose your domain wisely. This is crucial because it is where your hardware and software experiences are met, efficient, fast, and smoothly follows to your commands. Cloud hosting is simply moving all your information (data, email, apps) to a cloud storage where it can be accessed by you anywhere in the world. Cloud hosting gives you an increased server uptime that ensures you of 100% no dent of failure. It also allows you to pay for your resources as you need it. Cloud hosting also increases your security. It is also where the scalability of your resources is instantly allocated. It provides you an independent location, increased group collaboration, backup and auto-recovery, updated technology and being an environmentally-friendly server. So this is why it is vital for you to start choosing among the four best cloud hosting service providers stated above. It is also very advisable to use a cloud hosting to your business as you have much information to back up, store, duplicate and safekeep for abrupt use whenever possible.

Cloud hosting also allows you to interact among your virtual community and being one of the environmentally friendly inventions of mankind, is a big help in reducing the carbon emission around the world by minimizing the diel time of your hardware and saves energy for everyone that the world is touching and comprised with. Cloud hosting is very important in this modern age because it keeps a timetable of records, even from your old decades’ information that is still saved in your software can still be kept inside the cloud hosting. Cloud Hosting Service Providers like the CloudWays reviews, HostGator reviews, SiteGround Reviews and FastComet reviews can give you the best cloud hosting experience in the field of virtual necessity. You can choose among which is the most affordable, the least with the negativities and the most with the positivity.

Cloud hosting service providers are the next level type of hoarding your important memories, those that are formal and not, into one big cloud of storage, service and back up. So what are you waiting for? Choose now among the four best cloud hosting service providers of the CloudWays review, SiteGround review, HostGator review and FastComet review to give your life the cloud hosting service of a lifetime.